Behavioural Neuroscientist focused on researching experiences and to disseminate wellness practices. Creator of Humana.

About Me

Hi, I’m Caroline Baldasso. My first bachelor degree and professional life was in Communications. Later, already working as a Social Researcher, I understood my passion for studying the behaviour of human beings. I decided then to start a new academic education abroad, in Neurosciences. It was a gradual and natural transition. Nowadays, I have the privilege of working within my truth and feel useful along the way.

Behavioural Researcher

Helping companies to develop the culture of researching human behaviour.

Through consulting service for companies, classes and lectures anywhere, and my job at Warren Brazil, I develop in-depth qualitative knowledge about human behaviour, understanding people’s preferences, motivations and opinions – and the invisible forces that shape how we think, communicate and behave. Research to ensure a systemic view and help creative teams to design better experiences.

Wellness Instructor

Helping women to free their true inner self and create daily moments of self-awareness.

It’s through Humana that, today, I instruct well-being and self-knowledge practices. An individual path for women, developed in weekly meetings – prepared for the challenges and moment of life of each woman. The only goal is, after 4 months of selected contents, experiences and practices, to create a healthier, more intimate, more authentic, relationship with your present self.

To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.

– Socrates