A Mindful Life: Inner and Outer Transition, Schumacher College, England, 2016

ABC of Meditation with Connie Miller, ILTK, Italy, 2016 

Consumer Behavior Research for Design, Unisinos, Brazil, 2009 

Cool Hunting & Trends with Julieta Puhl, Unisinos, Brazil, 2010 

Creative Confidence with Tom Kelley, Brazil, 2013

Creative Process with Charles Watson, Brazil, 2014

Creative Writing, Go Writers with Cristiane Lisbôa, Brazil, 2012-2013 

Cultural Projects, ESPM, Brazil, 2013 

Design Tools for Strategic Marketing, Unisinos, Brazil, 2009 

Design can make you happy with Stefan Sagmeister, Brazil, 2013

Italian Language and Culture, Language Centre UniPi, Italy, 2015

Metta with Dhaval Chadha: Justice, Society, Evolution and Action, Brazil, 2014

Seminar Love & Brain, Brain Research Fondazione, Italy, 2015

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